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Slowly Making My Return

November 28, 2010

Wow. It has been four months since I have posted here at iJJ. While I haven’t left blogging entirely during that time (only a few, likely one person, know where that other blog is) I did have to abandon innerJoeJoe momentarily as I had more pressing concerns over that time.

For a month a I was completely jobless. I have lived with a friend for the past four months, while it (luckily) hasn’t soured the friendship it has definitely strained it a bit. Now I am on a road back to normalcy. I don’t have a job in my preferred career area, but in a crappy economy a job is a job and I won’t complain. I also just signed a lease to get back 100% on my own.

As a part of getting 100% back on my own this blog will either 1) see a regular posting schedule resume or 2) reflect my posting on another blog site. Or a combination of the two. In whatever case I don’t want to abandon iJJ, it has a history going back five-and-a-half years that I don’t want to readily discard.


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